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Station Call Letters: 
91.1 FM
150 (60ERP)
Salmo, BC

P.O. Box 549
Salmo, BC
V0G 1Z0

(250) 357-2299
Community Radio for the Salmo River Valley - The Hummingbird

CFAD 92.1 FM in Salmo, BC was issued a very low power developmental community radio license on July 31, 2008 and started broadcasting at 4:30pm on October 11th that same year.

Our goal is to provide a diverse and accessible radio station for the communities we serve with an emphasis on promoting music from local and Canadian artists as well as to reflect the needs and interests of Salmo & Ymir, including news and commentary on cultural, spiritual and political issues. We are committed to providing distinctive and engaging radio programs.

We are currently broadcasting from our studio on Highway 3 at a blistering 150 Watts!